Ready, Set, Begin!

Your life is about to change.

This is an exciting time, let's get our ducks in a row :)
You have chosen the best way to become a certified scuba diver. Private instruction allows you to go at your pace, and be sure
all of the skills are learned and learned well. It also reduces stress and makes learning more fun and productive.

You are learning to dive in the most beautiful dive spot in the US!

This list is a basic overview only. Please call or email with any questions.
888-DIVE-LOG 305-942-6497 rwerner@endlesssummer.us

Please fill out our course reservation form here if you have not already.
Please fill out and fax the Medical Statement

What you need

  • Purchase Mask Fins and Snorkel (That can be done here, you will get a 10% discount at Underseas a local dive shop we work with. Your instructor can go with you to help insure proper fit and advise on best choices)

  • It is a good idea to have your own wet suit, but you can rent one here as well.

  • Your bookwork can be done here or before you arrive. PADI offers E-learning, which is a little more costly for you but is a very good choice. The second option is to get the books before arriving or have the chapters done before you arrive. You can also wait until you arrive and do the bookwork here. Please call or email us with any questions regarding bookwork.

  • Complete chapter reviews and take test if not done already

  • Confined water dives 1,2 and 3. Will be conducted in our heated pool. Going over the simple skills, assembling and disassemble your gear, learning buoyancy, mask removal , etc.

  • Confined water dives 4 and 5. Learn to remove and replace gear, remove and replace regulator underwater, buddy breathe, controlled emergency swimming assent, etc.

  • Open water dives 1 and 2 in the lagoon. Put on equipment, enter water, get used to scuba diving. Buoyancy, cramp removal, snorkel and regulator exchange, mask flood and clear, regulator recovery and clearing, alt air source, etc.

  • Open water dives 3 and 4.  Performed at Looe Key or inshore reef, weather permitting.  Can be conducted in the lagoon in the unlikely event the weather prohibits diving the reefs. Equipment prep, pre dive safety check, buoyancy check, 50 yard straight line swim with compass, free decent to 20-30 feet, mask flood and clear, assent, buddy breathing, remove and replace weight at surface, remove and replace scuba unit at surface. Dive 4 skills review, compass navigation, underwater exploration (fun dive!) etc.

  • You will then be a PADI Certified Open Water Scuba Diver and be able to dive anywhere in the world!


PADI E-Leaning

Endless Summer

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Change your life!

Please ask ANY questions.

*weather permitting. If weather does not allow a trip to reef, we can still finish your Open Water Certification at our training lagoon.

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