PADI Approved Dive Boat - Private Charters

The Keys are a wonderful place, but like many vacation communities, it can be hard to find top quality professionals. Endless Summer was formed to bring together the best people,
the best boat, the best equipment, and the best teaching and diving methodologies - Private Instruction and Private Charters.

Our staff consists of one PADI Instructor and three Dive Masters, two that are USCG certified Captains.
We are located right inshore from Looe Key, the best reef in the US. Also offshore is the Adolphis Busch, a very nice wreck dive at 100' and many other great dive and snorkel opportunities.
More about who we are...

If you are just one person, or only have a budget for a large  group, less expensive boat, see our local recommendations here

Learn about Looe Key at our site, www.looekeydivers.com 

What we do is easy; But how we do it is the important part. Safety first, not just two words, but an attention to the details of your actual well being. PLEASE NOTE: Due to busy schedule we are limiting charters to 30 day advanced booking only.
The amount of preventative maintenance on our boats is unsurpassed and our Captains, Instructor and Dive Masters are top professionals. Everything is a cut above, except the price.
We are very proud to be a PADI approved Dive Boat and strive to uphold PADI's highest standards. We are the only charter service with the PADI Dive Boat designation in the Middle or Lower Florida Keys!

What we do;
Private PADI Scuba Instruction
     Open Water Certification
     Resort Courses & Discover Scuba Diving
     Certification Upgrades up to Dive Master
Private Dive & Snorkel Charters up to 6 people

    888-DIVE LOG
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